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"1500-LED" by Specialty Lighting Industries

1500-LED application photo


The 1500 is a minimal aperture low-brightness accent downlight. Available in flanged and flangeless trims, the fixture may be serviced through its diminutive 2" aperture. Featuring a 10-watt LED array, the beam spread of the fixture can be easily tailored to the application with a series of interchangeable lenses. The IC airtight housing 1500 is suitable for installation in a wide variety of ceiling materials.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 271 lumens
Power: 10.1 watts
Efficacy: 26.8 lm/W
CCT: 2720* CRI: 80*

* CCT and CRI values have not been independently verified

Available Options

20, 40, 60 degree lenses
Supertex linear spread lens
Dimmable driver


1500-LED fixture photos


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