Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition


"LR24" by Cree LED Lighting

LR24 application photo


The LR24, 2' by 2' architectural layin, is designed for new construction and retrofit applications. Cree LED Lighting technology combines long lifetime, beautiful color, and high efficacy. The LR24 will reduce energy consumption when compared to the majority of linear fluorescent fixtures, while reducing maintenance costs, and improving lighting quality. The LR24 is perfect for applications in offices, schools, hospitals, and retail environments.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 3237 lumens
Power: 44.7 watts
Efficacy: 72.4 lm/W
CCT: 3491 CRI: 89

Available Options

3200 lumens, 3500K CCT
3800 lumens, 3500K CCT – highceiling version


LR24 fixture photos


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