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"eW Downlight SM Powercore" by Philips Color Kinetics

eW Downlight SM Powercore application photo


The eW® Downlight SM Powercore is a low-profile, surface-mounted downlight for basic white illumination. Unlike typically larger, surface-mount downlights using conventional sources, its low-profile housing allows for easy and unobtrusive installation in wide-ranging interior environments.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 492 lumens
Power: 14.7 watts
Efficacy: 33.5 lm/W
CCT: 3996* CRI: 85*

* CCT and CRI values have not been independently verified

Available Options

30 and 65 degree beam angles
2700K and 4000K CCT
White, black, brushed metal trim


eW Downlight SM Powercore fixture photos


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