Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Required Documents

The following documents were used by the judges to evaluate the entries.

  • Luminaire photometric reports conducted according to LM-79-08 from an independent testing lab
    • IES LM-63-03 formatted photometric report (.ies file).
    • Integrating sphere output report showing luminaire CRI, CCT, and spectral power distribution
  • Color consistency specification statement (if available)
  • Full, published LED data sheets
  • Lumen maintenance test data or LM-80 data (if available)
  • Product photo or schematic showing temperature measurement point (TMP) (if available)
  • Driver specification sheets
  • Dimming interface specification sheet
  • Installation/serviceability instruction sheet
  • Product warranty statement
  • End-of-life policy statement (if available)
  • Product photos
  • Marketing materials (including specification sheets, marketing brochures etc. (if available)

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