Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition


Next Generation Luminaires congratulates the winners of the 2009 Competition! The judging panel selected the luminaires on the basis of color appearance, color rendering, appropriate illuminance, appropriate luminance, application effectiveness, aesthetic appearance and style, serviceability and replacement. Bonus points were awarded for entries exhibiting the following attributes: no off-state power use, dark-sky friendly, and adjustability/flexibility.

View the winners press release or the 2009 NGL Showcase Catalog for a summary of the competition and the winning fixtures. Click on the images below to view individual luminaire profiles.

Best in Class

Best in Class – Task Lighting: 'CURVE' by Finelite, Inc.    Best in Class – Wall Washing: 'Stile Styk' by STILE, a brand of SPILIGHTING Inc.    Best in Class – Street/Roadway: 'Evolve LED R150' by GE Lighting Solutions    Best in Class – Parking Garage: 'VizorLED' by Philips Wide-Lite   

Recognized Winners – Indoor

Accent Lighting

 'Contour 3x3' by Amerlux Global Lighting Solutions    'Halo Stasis LED Luminaire' by Cooper Lighting    'LumeLEX 2000' by Lighting Services, Inc.   

Recessed Accent Lighting

'BeveLED' by USAI    'Matrix MX1-XIC' by DaSal Industries   

Cove Lighting

'Series 6000 Cove' by Tempo Industries, Inc.   

Wall Washing

Indoor Wall Washing Winner: 'LED Round WL/5' by Edison Price Lighting     'Advantus linear LED' by Visa Lighting    'MURO' by Finelite, Inc.   

Wall Grazing

'805-LED-APH' by Speciality Lighting Industries    'Stratus' by Pure Lighting.   

Specialty Lighting

'ReLED Stem Mount' by ReLED Systems    'Nautilus LED' by Edge Lighting    'LED Handrail Lighting System' by Planet Lighting   

Under Cabinet Lighting

'LED Undercabinet' by Finelite, Inc.    'Tetra AL10' by GE Lighting Solutions   

Refrigerated Display Lighting

'Immersion LED Refrigerated Display Lighting RV30 Series' by GE Lighting Solutions   


'Calculite' by Philips Lightolier    'LED Round OS DL/5-800' by Edison Price Lighting    'LED Surface Mount Downlight' by Sea Gull Lighting/JuiceWorks    'Halo LED 900' by Cooper Lighting    'LR6-DR1000' by Cree LED Lighting    'SS4' by Intense Lighting   

General Illumination Lighting

'L20' by Litecontrol    'Stile Tryg'  by STILE, a brand of SPILIGHTING Inc.    'SLOTLIGHT LED' by Zumtobel Lighting, Inc.    'CAREENA LED' by Zumtobel Lighting, Inc.   

Industrial Lighting

'Lusio Bay' by LightWild    'S-Series Sealed LED High Bay' by Albeo Technologies    'Intelligent Lighting System (ILE HB-3)' by Digital Lumens   

Recognized Winners – Outdoor

Street/Roadway Lighting

'Evolaire Street and Area LED Luminaire' by Philips Hadco    'Satellite S96M' by LED Roadway Lighting Ltd.    'Streetworks OVH LED Area Luminaire' by Cooper Lighting    'RoadStar' by Philips Lumec    'LEDway Streetlights' by BetaLED   

Pedestrian Scale Lighting

'A850SR LED' by Sternberg Lighting    'Evolve Domed Area Light' by GE Lighting Solutions   

Parking Lot Lighting

'Crossover XAM/S LED Area Light' by LSI Industries Inc.    'Evolve LED Area Light' by GE Lighting Solutions   

Utility Canopy Lighting

'Crossover XSL LED Sofit Light' by LSI Industries Inc.    '227 Recessed' by BetaLED   

Wall Mounted Area Lighting

'Invue Entri LED' by Cooper Lighting   

Ingrade Uplighting

'Dalton Brass LED-32' by Winona Lighting   

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