Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Indoor – Accent Lighting

"Halo Stasis LED" by Cooper Lighting

Halo Stasis LED application photo

Halo Stasis LED fixture photo


Stasis LED is a track-mounted accent light, available in three beam spread options (factory configured only). The 18-watt 8˚ beam creates 36,000 candelas and 933 lumens; a smaller, lower wattage is available. The 7" die-cast and extruded aluminum luminaire offers a tilt-guide, lockable aiming, and accessory for beam control media.

Judges comments

The judging panel recognized the tight beam spread, good color quality, and punch of the Halo Stasis LED Luminaire. They also appreciated the design's locking feature.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 942 lumens
Power: 18.6 watts
Efficacy: 50.6 lm/W
CCT: 3000K* CRI: 85*
Testing Laboratory: Metalux Research Labs – Report #A10118
* color values have not been independently verified through LM-79 testing

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