Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Indoor – General Illumination Lighting

"L20" by Litecontrol

L20 application photo

L20 fixture photo


The L20 pendant-mounted linear luminaire has a compact 2" W x 2" H cross-section with an internal driver. It is available in lengths from 2' to 12'. For its very small size, L20 provides direct illumination with good light output, brightness control, and luminaire efficacy. The LED modules are not field-replaceable but the driver is.

Judges comments

The design and uniform distribution of the L20 were recognized by the judges as well as its attractive corrugated exterior finish. The judges also encouraged the manufacturer to offer lower color temperature choices.

Luminaire Testing (48" module)

Light Output: 1634 lumens
Power: 27.4 watts
Efficacy: 59.6 lm/W
CCT: 4359K CRI: 88
Testing Laboratory: Lighting Sciences, Inc. – Report #26228



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