Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Indoor – Recessed Accent Lighting

"Matrix MX1-XIC" by DaSal Industries

Matrix MX1-XIC application photo

Matrix MX1-XIC fixture photo


Matrix MX1-XIC is a recessed multiple-unit accent luminaire using remote phosphor LED technology. Independently adjustable modules allow for 360 degrees horizontal and up to 23 degrees vertical aiming. Six modular configurations are available.

Judges comments

The judges appreciated the MX1's color attributes and encouraged the manufacturer to provide locking adjustment options at more angles to improve aiming and adjusting.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 810 lumens
Power: 26.3 watts
Efficacy: 30.8 lm/W
CCT: 2991K CRI: 82
Testing Laboratory: Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. – Report #63170 & #63172



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