Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Indoor – Refrigerated Display Lighting

"Immersion™ RV30" by GE Lighting Solutions

Immersion RV30 application photo

Immersion RV30 fixture photo


Immersion™ LED Refrigerated Display Lighting RV30 Series mounts vertically at the front of the case, 4"-6" from the display packages. Drivers are separate and install in the case. The LED modules are offered in three color temperatures and three sizes, separately configured for left, right, and center installation.

Judges comments

The Immersion LED Refrigerated Display's distribution and construction were acknowledged by the judging panel. The judges also felt the product was a smart energy saving replacement for similar fluorescent products.

Luminaire Testing (60" module)

Light Output: 1295 lumens
Power: 29.0 watts
Efficacy: 44.7 lm/W
CCT: 5392K CRI: 71
Testing Laboratory: GE Consumer & Industrial (CALIPER approved) – Report #LT306050CTR



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