Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

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"LED Handrail Lighting System" by Planet Lighting

LED Handrail Lighting System application photo

LED Handrail Lighting System fixture photo


The HLS (Handrail Lighting System) uses a small threaded anodized aluminum "mini-puck" lighting elements that are inserted flush into the underside of the handrail at regular intervals (usually around 20") to aim inwards to the pathway. HLS is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The driver is mounted inside the handrail itself.

Judges comments

The judges thought the HLS mini-puck design was an interesting concept and the fixture possessed good light output and distribution in a low wattage package. They also encouraged the manufacturer to look at additional shielding and adjustability options.

Luminaire Testing (1 LED module)

Light Output: 116 lumens
Power: 2.5 watts
Efficacy: 46.4 lm/W*
CCT: 5378K CRI: 70
Testing Laboratory: Intertek – Report #3195475CRT-001
* installation with multiple mini-pucks and matched power supply is typically 66 lm/w

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