Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Indoor – Under Cabinet Lighting

"Tetra® AL10" by GE Lighting Solutions

Tetra  AL10 application photo

Tetra  AL10 fixture photo


Tetra® AL10 is designed for a variety of retail and architectural applications, including under cabinet, under shelf, cove, accent and task lighting. Tetra AL10 uses a remote driver and multiple modules can be wired in series.

Judges comments

The AL10 delivered good light distribution, color quality, and high efficacy in a low profile package, according to the judging panel. The judges appreciated that the product can be used in series, but expressed concern about the installation of the remote power supply.

Luminaire Testing (18" module)

Light Output: 300 lumens
Power: 6.7 watts
Efficacy: 44.4 lm/W
CCT: 3014K CRI: 93
Testing Laboratory: GE Consumer & Industrial (CALIPER approved) – Report #0980098



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