Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Indoor – Wall Grazing

"Stratus" by Pure Lighting

Stratus application photo

Stratus fixture photo


The Stratus LED Linear Wall Grazer highlights textured walls or other vertical surfaces up to 30 ft. high. It uses a multi-reflector optical system for beam control. The LED modules are dimmable, field replaceable, and available in warm or cool white versions. The 5.75" H x 5.5" W housing can be recessed or surface mounted, and is provided in 1 ft and 4 ft lengths.

Judges comments

The judges praised the Stratus for its well shielded, tight grazing features which are ideal for tall walls. They appreciated the replaceable LEDs, but have concerns about the high wattage and expense of the product.

Luminaire Testing (48" module)

Light Output: 1576 lumens
Power: 79.0 watts
Efficacy: 19.9 lm/W
CCT: 2969K CRI: 95
Testing Laboratory: Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. – Report #61526 & #61614



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