Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Outdoor – Parking Lot Lighting

"Crossover® XAM/S LED" by LSI Industries Inc.

Crossover XAM/S LED application photo

Crossover XAM/S LED fixture photo


LSI Crossover® LED features a sleek, contemporary housing design available in multiple sizes. The Crossover Area Light allows for a continuous stream of illumination from pedestrian walkways through egress areas and in parking lots. The shape sheds rain, dirt and debris offering a combination of exceptional uniformity and full cutoff to create a brighter environment at lower light levels – without light trespass.

Judges comments

The uniformity, wide distribution, and house-side cut-off features of the Crossover's design were acknowledged by the judging panel. They also commented that the light output might be too high for some applications.

Luminaire Testing (63 LED model)

Light Output: 9911 lumens
Power: 136.0 watts
Efficacy: 79.2 lm/W
CCT: 6039K CRI: 70
Testing Laboratory: Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. – Report #62384 & #62362



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