Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition


Next Generation Luminaires congratulates the winners of the 2010 Competition! The judging panel selected the luminaires on the basis of color appearance and rendering, appropriate illuminance and luminance, serviceability and replacement, energy efficiency, product depreciation data, dimmability, cost, and aesthetic appearance and style. The judging panel awarded bonus points for entries exhibiting desirable characteristics such as adjustability, flexibility, and innovation.

View the winners press release or the NGL Showcase Catalog for a summary of the competition and the winning fixtures. Click on the images below to view individual luminaire profiles.

Best in Class

Best in Class – Cove Lighting: 'Linear Concealed LED Luminaire' by The Lighting Quotient    Best in Class – Facade Lighting: 'eW Burst Powercore' by Philips Color Kinetics    Best in Class – Task Lighting: 'Equo LED Desk Lamp' by Koncept Technologies Inc.    Best in Class – Recessed Accent Lighting: 'NanoLED' by USAI   

Recognized Winners – Indoor

Accent Track Lighting

 'Contour Series Track Head' by Amerlux Global Lighting Solutions    'Element Envision LED Head' by Tech Lighting     'MB900' by Intense Lighting    'T253 Cylindra LED' by Juno Lighting Group    'T251 Cylindra LED' by Juno Lighting Group    'LumeLEX® 2040 Series' by Lighting Services, Inc.     'Alcyon' by Philips Lightolier   

Recessed Accent Lighting

 'Aculux Recessed Accent Light' by Juno Lighting Group    'Mini LED Downlight and Gimbal' by Juno Lighting Group     'LED Combolight' by RSA Lighting    'BeveLED Fixture' by USAI   

Wall Washing

'Portfolio 6 Wall Wash' by Cooper Lighting    'T256 LED Wall Wash/Flood' by Juno Lighting Group   

Decorative Wall Grazing

'Sleight' by Visa Lighting   

Recessed Downlighting

'Portfolio 4 and 6' by Cooper Lighting    'LED FTD DL/5-2000' by Edison Price Lighting    'ID LED' by Focal Point    'Calculite LED Downlight' by Philips Lightolier   

'Omega Revelation LED Downlight' by Philips Omega    'LED Downlight' by Juiceworks    'NanoLED' by USAI    'CR6™ Downlight' by Cree LED Lighting   

Decorative Pendant Lighting

'Decorative LED Mini-Pendants' by Juno Lighting Group    'Vetro LED PM Series' by Philips Lightolier   

Decorative Wall Lighting

'Taos LED' by Edge Lighting    'Escape' by Visa Lighting   

General Illumination

'DIA' by Axis Lighting   

Industrial Lighting

'ILE-MB-3' by Digital Lumens   

Recognized Winners – Outdoor

Industrial Specialty Lighting

'LED Dock Light' by Philips Day-Brite   

In-Grade Lighting

'Sun3 LED' by Edge Lighting    'Port LED' by Edge Lighting   

Street and Area Lighting

'SCHX5 LED' by Evolucia, Inc.    'RoadStar' by Philips Roadway Lighting   


Notable – Specialty Accent Lighting: 'SUPERSYSTEM LED' by Zumtobel Lighting, Inc.    Notable – Parking Lot Lighting: 'HIBRED HID/LED Low-Level Ambient Lighting System' by Philips Wide-Lite    Notable – Vanity  Lighting: 'The Estelle™ LED Mirror' by Illumination Machines    Notable – Recessed Downlighting: 'Architectural Downlight' by Liton Lighting    Notable – Pedestrian Pathway Lighting: 'Lo-Glo' by Landscape Forms   

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