Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Best in Class – Task Lighting

"Equo LED Desk Lamp" by Koncept Technologies Inc.

Equo LED Desk Lamp application photo

Equo LED Desk Lamp fixture photo


Clean and slim, the Equo LED desk lamp's counterweight design allows finger-tip adjustability. The luminaire head remains poised and level as the arm moves up and down, while delivering ample local task illumination. A touch-sensitive control strip switches the lamp on and off and dims with a gentle sliding motion. Equo can be equipped with an optional occupancy sensor. The driver is field serviceable; the LED module requires factory replacement.

Model Number: ELXW-SIL-DSK

Judges comments

The judges reacted very positively to the Equo design. Comments like "nice shape," "very cool design," and "great value" indicate why the product was seen as "Best in Class" almost at the outset. Judges did express some concerns about glare control.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 242.8 lumens
Power: 5.5 watts
Efficacy: 44.3 lm/W
CCT: 3299K, CRI: 83
InterTek – Report #100225920CRT-001



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