Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Best in Class – Recessed Accent Lighting

"NanoLED" by USAI

NanoLED fixture photo


NanoLED provides low intensity accent lighting with 40º tilt and 362º horizontal adjustment. With just a minimal 2.5" aperture, NanoLED can be "hot aimed" and locked in place with an Allen-head driver. The die-cast lighting element is removable for interchange of optics and replacement of the LED module or driver, while retaining its locked aiming position. Options include four color temperatures, three beam spreads (25-55°), two wattages, a dimmable driver, and several trim options. NanoLED housings are available for insulated ceilings (air tight) and non-insulated ceilings (non-air handling).

Model Number: LN10RAT-BM-MPL110-30KS

Judges comments

The judges appreciated the small aperture, glare control, and adjustability of the NanoLED. "Small and compact is nice," "very cool adjustability," "low glare," and "very serviceable," were all thoughts voiced by members of the panel. Several judges did however want to see an adjustable beam spread or more beam options.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 384.9 lumens
Power: 10.4 watts
Efficacy: 36.9 lm/W
CCT: 3009K, CRI: 82.4
Luminaire Testing Laboratory – Report #21141



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