Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Notable – Parking Lot Lighting

"HIBRED HID/LED Low-Level Ambient Lighting System" by Philips Wide-Lite

HIBRED HID/LED Low-Level Ambient Lighting System fixture photo

HIBRED HID/LED Low-Level Ambient Lighting System fixture photo


HIBRED is an LED luminaire built into the mounting arm of an HID site luminaire. It provides lowlevel illumination during off-peak hours when the HID source is turned off. This arrangement both reduces energy consumption and extends the maintenance cycle. HIBRED can be connected to a variety of new luminaires, and to some existing, compatible luminaires, or attached to most existing poles.

Model Number: HIB-21-NW-(XX)-5L-120-SS-TSA

Judges comments

While some judges questioned the concept, others felt the illumination was appropriate for the application and described the product as "elegant" and "very useful."

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 1815 lumens
Power: 27.2 watts
Efficacy: 66.7 lm/W
CCT: 4074K, CRI: 68
Independent Testing Laboratories – Report #65968 and #65966



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