Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Notable – Pedestrian Pathway Lighting

"Lo-Glo" by Landscape Forms

Lo-Glo application photo

Lo-Glo fixture photo


Lo-Glo is a family of pathway and pedestrian scaled luminaires with a warm color of high CRI illumination, which is claimed to support the circadian cycle and human health. Replaceable and sealed LED cartridge of cast aluminum works with the housing and integrated pole to provide thermal management.

Model Numbers: G117

Judges comments

The judges were excited by the luminaire design of the Lo-Glo and voiced comments such as: "innovative," "looks great," and "love this direction." However, there was concern over the low efficacy and the limited shielding, which allowed some visible brightness from a distance.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 227 lumens
Power: 7.5 watts
Efficacy: 29.3 lm/W
CCT: 3425K, CRI: 83
Luminaire Testing Laboratory – Report #16549



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