Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Best in Class – Fa├žade Lighting

"fraqtir™ Outdoor–Style S170" by The Lighting Quotient

fraqtir Outdoor Style S170 application photo

fraqtir Outdoor Style S170 fixture photo


The fraqtir™ S170 is an IP66 luminaire with integral driver and precision optics designed to illuminate surfaces evenly from one edge. S170 is Cradle to Cradle Certified SILVER, made in America, and built to last with an extruded aluminum housing, tempered glass lens, and all stainless steel hardware. Mounting options include surface, slipfitter, pendant, or cantilever.

Model Number: S170-0700-V-02-T-00-0-30-TE

Judging comments

The judges praised the versatility, light distribution, and color quality of the product. "Wide beam spread," "soft gradient," and "good color" were all included in the individual judging comments. The judges did encourage the manufacturer to increase efficiency, however.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 751.0 lumens
Input Power:18.1 watts
Efficacy: 41.5 lm/W
Power Factor: 99%
CCT: 3108K, CRI: 86
Independent Testing Laboratories, Inc. -
  Report #ITL71426 and #ITL71427



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