Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

2012 SSL Design Outdoor Competition Fixture Photos

High resolution full-size photos of the 2012 Solid State Lighting (SSL) Design Outdoor Competition winning products are available in .zip files below.

Best in Class

'fraqtir Outdoor Style S170' by The Lighting Quotient —

'Evolve LED Scalable Cobrahead' by GE Lighting —

'OXFORD' by Relume Technologies, Inc. —

'TV and Dial LED' by Edge Lighting —

Recognized Winners

Roadway Lighting

'Navion LED Roadway Luminaires' by Cooper Lighting —

'SL2 Roadway Street Light' by Excellence Opto Inc. —

Walkway Lighting

'Hyperion LED Bollard' by LSI Industries, Inc. —

'Eon 303-B1 Bollard' by Lumiere —

Streetscape Lighting

'LEO' by Landscape Forms —

'Evolve LED Contemporary Conical Post Top' by GE Lighting —

Parking Lot Lighting

'Evolve LED Small Modular Area' by GE Lighting —

'TopDek' by Kenall Lighting —

'Arieta' by Leotek Electronics USA Corp. —

'Cree THE EDGE High Output LED Area Light' by Cree, Inc. —

'ETG-A200' by Horner —

Canopy Lighting

'Mini 300 LED Gen-2 Gas Station Canopy' by Philips Wide-Lite —

Parking Garage Lighting

'PLED' by RAB Lighting Inc. —

'ParkVUE 50HB' by Relume Technologies, Inc. —

Façade Lighting

'eW Graze MX Powercore' by Philips Color Kinetics — eW_Graze_Fixture.jpg

'Lumencove XT' by Lumenpulse —

Landscape Lighting

'Lumenbeam Small and LBX' by Lumenpulse —

'D-Series Floodlight: Size 1 and 3' by Lithonia Lighting —

'AccuLite LED Mini Security Light – MSL Series' by Juno Lighting Group —

Decorative Lighting

'LGOOSE' by RAB Lighting, Inc. —

'Cylinder' by G Lighting —

Wall Mounted Area Lighting

'LPACK52' by RAB Lighting, Inc. —

'LytePro 16' by Stonco Lighting – a Philips Company —

'Patriot LED Wall Sconce' by LSI Industries, Inc. —

Of Note

Parking Lot Lighting

'Aeroblades LED Area Light' by Cree, Inc. —

Streetscape Lighting

'Halo' by Eleek, Inc. —

'SoleCity Small LED Street and Area Luminaire' by Philips Lumec —


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