Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Judging Process

The 2013 Indoor Competition received a total of 156 submittals. 112 entries were approved for final judging. 99 entries were installed and evaluated at the Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC) facility outside Chicago, IL on February 27-28, 2013. ILC staff spent weeks planning, designing, building, installing, and wiring products. A 70' x 60' drop ceiling grid was suspended from the theatrical truss with motors so the height of the ceiling could be adjusted. Each product was individually wired to allow each luminaire to be judged independently. The system allowed ultimate flexibility and control to further enhance the speed and accuracy of the judging process.

At the end of the initial judging process, the entire group reviewed the group scores and discussed each product. The first consideration was whether each judge would recommend the product for Specification – the prerequisite for the "Recognized" winners. 28 products were ultimately selected by the judging panel by this standard. Four other nonrecognized products were considered notable for their color adjusting capabilities.

Among the Recognized products, the judges then considered whether any merited "Best in Class" selection. To be awarded Best in Class, products needed both to rate highly overall and to stand out from the rest of the group. The judges were not required to select a Best in Class winner in every category. Three products were selected Best in Class this year.

2013 Indoor judging photos

Indoor Judging Event – February 27-28, 2013
Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC)
Arlington Heights, Ilinois


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