Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition


A total of 102 products were proposed for submission to the 2013 NGL outdoor competition, but only 68 were approved to continue in the competition. The rest either weren’t ready for market or lacked the required documentation, which included such things as LM-79 test reports and LM-80 life claim documentation and help ensure that actual performance matches claims.

The 68 products that were judged represented 41 different manufacturers and covered 12 different outdoor-lighting categories. Of those products, 26 were chosen as "Recognized" winners, meaning the judges considered them worthy of specification.


Of the 26 recognized products, six received the additional designation of Best in Class – the largest number of Best in Class winners of any NGL competition to date. A Best in Class distinction meant the product stood out significantly above the others in its category that were recognized as specifiable. The Best in Class winners came from five different manufacturers and covered six areas of outdoor lighting. LED Roadway Lighting was selected for its NXT-S™ local residential roadway fixture, Juno Lighting Group for its Finia building perimeter wallpack and its PL2 series bollard, Cooper Lighting by Eaton for its McGraw-Edison Top Tier™ parking and area luminaire, Louis Poulsen Lighting for its LP ICON LED pedestrian walkway fixture, and Cree for its CPY250 canopy luminaire.


In the "Recognized" category, EcoSense Lighting, the Lighting Quotient, and Philips earned praise for their facade accent lighting. Selux Corporation (two fixtures) was recognized for bollards, and Eureka Lighting for decorative lighting. In parking and area lighting, fixtures by Evolucia, Horner Lighting Group, and Cooper Lighting by Eaton were selected. Intense Lighting was also chosen for its pedestrian walkway handrail/guardrail fixture.

Major roadway lighting was also popular, with recognition given to designs by Toshiba, Evolucia, and Schreder Lighting LLC. Evluma was recognized for local residential roadway lighting, Schreder Lighting LLC for collector roadway lighting, and Horner Lighting Group for canopy lighting. Three building perimeter wallpack fixtures were recognized: from Juno Lighting Group, Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, and RAB Lighting. In the "other" category, the Acuity Brands – Holophane tunnel/underpass fixture received recognition.

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