Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Recognized – Facade Accent Lighting

"Vaya Linear LP" by Philips

Evolve LED Scalable Cobrahead ER2 application photo


The Vaya Linear LP is ideal for exterior cove lighting and low-level grazing applications, with wide 120° beam or elliptical 28° optics. Its slim form factor is suitable for space-restricted applications with limited setback or allowable install height. Direct line voltage and connecting cabling make installations easy and reliable.

Judging comments

The judges praised the versatility, light output and low glare of the product. "Adjustable mount adds flexibility", "nice grazer", and "low glare" were all included in the individual judging comments. The judges did encourage the manufacturer to provide some shielding options, however.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 1234 lumens
Input Power: 16.8 watts
Efficacy: 73.5 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.94
CCT: 4007K
CRI: 82.6Ra
Lab: UL Verification Services Co., Ltd.
Testing Number: #10115227-1b and #10115227-1a



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