Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Best in Class – Bollard Pathway Lighting

"PL2 Series Bollard" by Juno Lighting Group

PL2 Series Bollard application photo

PL2 Series Bollard fixture photo


The PL2 Series Bollard uses carefully crafted optics to produce a unique star-shaped light pattern on the ground while minimizing glare for pedestrians. The PL2 is available with a multitude of options, including a concealed motion sensor, emergency lighting, custom lengths, and custom colors.

Judging comments

The judges reacted very positively to the clean contemporary appearance. light quality and value of this bollard. Comments like "beautiful fixture", "distribution in all directions was excellent", and "soft diffuse light, visually stimulating, very unique" indicate why the product was seen as "Best in Class" almost at the outset. The judges did express some concern about the durability of the finish.

Luminaire Testing

Light Output: 2580 lumens
Input Power: 49.6 watts
Efficacy: 52.0 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.98
CCT: 4077K
CRI: 86
Lab: Intertek
Testing Number: #101339381CHI-001



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