Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

2013 SSL Design Outdoor Competition Fixture Photos

High resolution full-size photos of the 2013 Solid State Lighting (SSL) Design Outdoor Competition winning products are available in .zip files below.

Best in Class

'PL2 Series Bollard' by Juno Lighting Group —   

'NXT-S' by LED Roadway Lighting —   

'Finia' by Juno Lighting Group —   

'McGraw-Edison Top Tier' by Cooper Lighting by Eaton —   

'CPY250' by Cree —   

'LP ICON LED' by Louis Poulsen Lighting —   

Recognized Winners

Major Roadway Lighting

'LED Cobrahead' by Evolucia —   

'Ampera Maxi' by Schreder Lighting LLC —   

'TLS-RTLM LED' by Toshiba —   

Collector Roadway Lighting

'Ampera Midi' by Schreder Lighting LLC —   

Local Residential Roadway Lighting

'AreaMax' by Evluma" —   

Parking and Area Lighting

'LED NightWatchMan' by Evolucia —   

'A200H' by Horner Lighting Group —   

'Galleon LED' by Cooper Lighting by Eaton —   

Facade Accent Lighting

'EcoSpec Floodlight Bullet' by EcoSense Lighting — EcoSpecFloodlightBullet_detailed.jpg   

'fraqtir™ S171 Outdoor' by The Lighting Quotient —   

'Vaya Linear LP' by Philips — VayaLinearLP_detailed.jpg   

Canopy Perimeter Lighting

'CP80 Remote Phosphor Canopy' by Horner Lighting Group —   

Building Perimeter Lighting

'MSL Series' by Juno Lighting Group —   

'Laredo LNC2' by Hubbell Outdoor Lighting —   

'SLIM18N' by RAB Lighting Inc. —   

Bollard Pathway Lighting

'MTR LED Column' by Selux Corporation —   

'MTR Square LED Column' by Selux Corporation —   

Pedestrian Walkway Lighting

'V-Rail 1.5' by Intense Lighting —   

Decorative Exterior Lighting

'The Gatsby' by Eureka Lighting —   

Other - Tunnel Lighting

'TunnelPass LED' by Acuity Brands - Holophane —   

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