Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

2014 Indoor Judging Panel

Next Generation Luminaires judges have been drawn from across the architectural lighting design community, creating a diverse panel of experts who design, specify, evaluate, and research commercial SSL luminaires.

Rita Koltai, Koltai Lighting Design, LLC

Anne Kustner, Anne Kustner Lighting Design, Ltd.

Chris Magee, MGM Resorts International

Gary Woodall, Gary Steffy Lighting Design Inc.

John Delany, ComEd

Charles Thompson, Archillume Lighting Design, Inc.

Avraham Mor, Lightswitch Architectural

Aram Ebben, exp, U.S. Services Inc.

Craig Bernecker, The Lighting Education Institute

Jeff Brown, Colorlume

Dan Blitzer, Practical Lighting Workshop (Steering Committee only)


Next Generation Luminaires 2014 Indoor Judging Panel Photo


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