Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Recognized – Grid Ceiling Luminaires

"Beetle" by SAMJIN LND Co., Ltd.


The Beetle Smart Series luminaires provide a tunable office lighting system that can adjust color temperature, in addition to control by both occupancy and photo sensors. Color temperature can be pre-programmed to follow a user-defined configuration.

Judging comments

The judges praised the innovative color tuning, excellent dimming, and high efficacy of the Beetle luminaire. They were also impressed with the sophisticated wireless controls, but expressed caution regarding the pricing.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: BT12-032SKCT-USR2

Light Output: 3502.6 lumens
Input Power: 31.66 watts
Efficacy: 110.63 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.948
CCT: 4017K
CRI: 87
Testing Lab: KILT
Testing Number: KILT1402-U00567-1



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