Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Recognized – High Ceiling Downlights

"Cylinder Series - High Ceiling LED Platform" by Meteor Lighting


The CS-195 LED high ceiling luminaire – with its cylindrical housing - offers an architecturally pleasing selection for high bay and high ceiling applications. Several options are available for dimming, including 0-10V, DMX, DALI, to VX DMX (digital video optimized DMX dimming).

Judging comments

The judges appreciated the color qualities and excellent dimming of this luminaire, noting it is particularly well suited to arena or high space assembly applications, but mentioned the high cost as a concern.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: CS-195

Light Output: 19043 lumens
Input Power: 173.2 watts
Efficacy: 109.95 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.995
CCT: 5620K
CRI: 72
Testing Lab: UL
Testing Number: 13CA41493



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