Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Best in Class 2014

"Series 11 LED Micro Profile and Micro Flex Cove Luminaires" by Finelite, Inc.


Series 11 LED Micro Profile and Micro Flex Cove luminaires are innovation solutions to common cove installation challenges. Micro Profile is a high performance cove luminaire designed to fit even where exact dimensions are uncertain. An optional telescoping light engine provides up to 12 additional inches of luminaire to achieve a custom fit with uniform illumination. Series 11 LED Micro Flex Cove provides uniform illumination for both convex and concave architectural coves. One-foot segments are joined using quick-connect low-voltage cables that allow flexing in any direction. Dimming standard, High and Standard Output lumen packages at 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K CCT.

Judging comments

The judges had numerous accolades for the innovative cove luminaires from Finelite that provide an innovative telescoping design to maximize flexibility, excellent color qualities and easy servicablity. Comments included "nice color rendition with clean field"," great for servicing", and "adjustablity at the end of run is an excellent feature".

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: S11-LED-MP-4'-HO-3500K-X-X-X-X

Light Output: 1797 lumens
Input Power: 19.6 watts
Efficacy: 91.68 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.99
CCT: 3508K
CRI: 83
Testing Lab: ITL Boulder
Testing Number: ITL81639, ITL81846



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