Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Emerging Luminaires

"OLED Families - Nomi® and Trilia®" by Acuity Brands® - Winona® Lighting


NOMI Straight and NOMI Curve OLED luminaires provide lighting that emphasizes contemporary decorative design for use as architectural elements. The luminaires are available in multiple lighting styles, finish options and color temperatures. The wall sconce that had been tested and submitted includes an integral driver and remote HPF power supply. A higher efficacy model that uses an all-integral driver and NPF power supply is also available.

TRILIA modular OLED units allow designers to shape single luminaires or expansive networks. Each Triangular (TRI) section can be used by itself or combined with other Tri sections or with Straight (STR) sections.

Judging comments

The judging panel was pleased with the innovation of these emerging OLED luminaires from Acuity. Individual judging comments included "very classy product design", "nice, sleek contemporary design", "dimming is very good", and "great design potential". They did note that the remote power supply could be challenging and that efficacy could be improved.

Luminaire Testing

NOMI 1F1B 3000K

Model Number: NOMI SS/CS WM 1F1B OLEDR1/OLEDB1 130LM 30K 120 DIMPS

Light Output: 135 lumens
Input Power: 4.99 watts
Efficacy: 27.05 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.958
CCT: 3000K
CRI: 89
Testing Lab: TUV SUD
Testing Number: 3495


Model Number: TRILIA TRI CM OLEDA1 1630LM 30K 120 DIMR

Light Output: 1690 lms
Input Power: 36.98W
Efficacy: 46 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.98
CCT: 3000K
CRI: 89
Testing Lab: Acuity Brands Lighting
Testing Number: LTL25187



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