Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

2015 NGL SSL Design Competition Judging Panels

Next Generation Luminaires judges have been drawn from across the architectural lighting design community, creating a diverse panel of experts who design, specify, evaluate, and research commercial SSL luminaires.

Indoor Judging Panel

Next Generation Luminaires 2015 Indoor Judging Panel Photo

Marty Salzberg, Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design Inc.; Halley Fitzpatrick, PG&E Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs; Denise Fong, Candela Lighting Design and Consulting; Jeffrey (Jeff) Brown, Colorlume Inc.; Melanie Taylor, WSP; John Delany, ComEd; Avraham (Avi) Mendall Mor, Lightswitch Architectural; Craig Bernecker, The Lighting Education Institute; John D'Angelo, Northwestern University ; Naomi Miller, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Outdoor Judging Panel

Next Generation Luminaires 2015 Outdoor Judging Panel Photo

Nancy Clanton, Clanton & Associates Inc.; Craig Bernecker, The Lighting Education Institute; Mary Matteson Bryan, Energy Engineering; Mike Lambert, KCL Engineering ; Aram Ebben, exp, U.S. Services Inc.; Glenn Heinmiller, Lam Partners Inc.; Nate Mitten, Kimco Realty Corp. ; Charles Thompson, Archillume Lighting Design, Inc.


Dan Blitzer, The Practical Lighting Workshop
Ruth Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Michael Poplawski, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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