Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Outstanding – Innovation

"IG Series" by Cree


The IG Series features WaveMax Technology, Cree's optical waveguide platform. The IG Series, offered in two lumen packages, blends form and function into a streamlined design that delivers higher light levels and superior low-glare illumination.

Judging comments

The judges reacted very positively to the innovative design, glare control and distribution of the IG Series parking garage luminaire from Cree. Specific comments included "innovative approach to reduce glare and provide great distribution" and "nicely designed new form factor with good to excellent glare control". Durability was mentioned as a possible concern.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: IGANM5SA40K-ULWH

Light Output: 4000 lumens
Input Power: 35 watts
Efficacy: 114.29 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.996
CCT: 4000
CRI: 80
Testing Lab: NVLAP Lab
Testing Number: PL05614-001



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