Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Recognized – Collectors

"NXT-M" by LED Roadway Lighting


The NXT allows users to easily field-upgrade or replace LED engines, power supplies, or surge modules without tools. It also offers flexibility to field-upgrade optical distribution or upgrade to more advanced LEDs in the future.

Judging comments

The judges praised the light distribution, glare control and construction quality of this roadway luminaire. Specific comments included "smooth distribution", "good control of glare", and "excellent construction and access for all components". However they did note that the large, full size access door made installation difficult.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: NXT 72M 0 7 3HB 7 XX 3 XX S XX

Light Output: 15300 lumens
Input Power: 158 watts
Efficacy: 96.84 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.999
CCT: 3817K
CRI: 73
Testing Lab: ITL Boulder
Testing Number: ITL83830, ITL83831



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