Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Recognized – White-Tunable

"EVO 4” Tunable White" by Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc.


The EVO 4” Tunable White luminaire produces natural light patterns and colors. It also compliments materials and supports productivity with white light featuring CCT control using the familiar distributions of Gotham EVO.

Judging comments

The judges complimented the color quality, distribution and illuminance of this tunable white luminaire, noting "excellent color and illuminance" and "distribution is clean and flat". Some judges identified the overly warm amber color at low dim as a possible concern.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: EVO TUWH ATMR/18 4AR MWD LSS 120 DMX

Light Output: 1801 lumens
Input Power: 30.00 watts
Efficacy: 60.03 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.901
CCT: 4300
CRI: 93
Testing Lab: Acuity Brands Lighting Conyers Lab
Testing Number: LTL29036S



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