Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Notable – Connected Lighting Systems

"Enlighted's Advanced Lighting Control Solution" by Enlighted Inc.


Enlighted's Advanced Lighting Control Solution is comprised of four components: Enlighted Smart Sensors, Enlighted Room Control, Enlighted Gateway and Enlighted Energy Manager. This system automates, analyzes, controls and reports environmental data to drive building automation and efficiency. The Enlighted System includes granular lighting control automation, daylight harvesting, motion sensing, digital PIR sensing, and an Energy Analytics Dashboard.

Judging comments


  • Robust control functionality, typically can interface with the building management system
  • Many options for luminaire styles
  • Well suited for new construction and complex projects


  • Dual points of responsibility
  • More-complicated installation
  • More-complicated startup and commissioning
  • Relatively higher cost for smaller projects

Provides highly flexible control strategies but appears to require sophisticated commissioning and installation.


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