Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Outstanding – White-Tunable

"MedMaster Balance" by Kenall Lighting


This innovative patient room over-bed luminaire combines a modern, multi-function design aesthetic with color-tuning (2700K-6500K) for the Ambient and Reading modes, plus fixed-CCT Exam. The DMX-enabled scene creation capabilities allow for natural daylighting cycles, nightlight mode or a color-matched High-Output Exam mode (with all functions ON).

Judging comments

The judges had numerous accolades for the innovative MedMaster Balance luminaire from Kenall Lighting. Comments included "beautiful appearance", "excellent glare control at high output", "wide range of illuminances" and "the ultimate in flexibility!!! Totally awesome!".

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: MBTW24-42T/21T/96L-27/65K9-50K9-DMX-120

Light Output: 13670 lumens
Input Power: 190.10 watts
Efficacy: 71.91 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.992
CCT: 5458
CRI: 96
Testing Lab: Kenall Performance Laboratories
Testing Number: KPL1920-5-1, CCT2717



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