Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Outstanding – Linear Pendant

"Nera" by Focal Point


The design of Nera is inspired by the architectural term 'visual void', a basic element used in the architectural design process. Nera's unique aesthetic is reflected in its hollow center which creates a visually lightweight appearance. Nera is available in both a suspended linear profile and a square pendant.

Judging comments

The attractive appearance, color quality and dimming performance of the Nera pendant luminaire from Focal Point were praised by the judges. Specific comments included "clean, sleek look", "power through suspension wire is a good minimalist approach", "good color", and "dimming is smooth". The cost was mentioned as a possible concern.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: FRNS-FL60-1000LF-35K-1C-UNV-DD1-G-CLV60-WH 4

Light Output: 3999 lumens
Input Power: 39.55 watts
Efficacy: 101.11 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.950
CCT: 3500
CRI: 80
Testing Lab: Building Acoustics & Lighting Laboratories, Inc.
Testing Number: 18911, 18911



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