Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Notable – Connected Lighting Systems

"Cree SmartCast® Technology" by Cree


Within each SmartCast® enabled CR Troffer, the integrated sensors, cutting-edge electronics and software all work together using the language of light and intelligent algorithms to automatically learn and interact with each other and with your space. The result is a seamless application of scalable intelligent light strategies that can save energy costs while delivering more comfortable, personalized lighting experiences. It also features field adjustable color temperature enabling better control over spaces, regardless of color temperature preference.

Judging comments


  • Integrated solution, single point of responsibility
  • Simple installation, startup, and commissioning
  • Well suited for retrofits and smaller projects


  • Limited control functionality
  • Limited options for luminaire styles

More appropriate for smaller projects, notably retrofit applications. System shows what is possible in reducing the cost and complexity of installation and commissioning.


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