Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Notable – Connected Lighting Systems

"SpaceWise Technology" by Philips Lighting


The SpaceWise Technology includes embedded sensors and wireless controls, eliminating extra wiring between luminaires or to the compatible wireless switches. Dimming behaviors for the typical office spaces are pre-set in the factory so only fine-tuning needs to be done on-site to take advantage of the smart dimming behaviors. This allows a pre-packaged, out-of-the-box application solution that also gives technical flexibility to tune the room light levels in the field. The solution seeks to provide balance between energy efficiency, quality lighting, and the end-user experience.

Judging comments


  • Integrated solution, single point of responsibility
  • Simple installation, startup, and commissioning
  • Well suited for retrofits and smaller projects


  • Limited control functionality
  • Limited options for luminaire styles

More appropriate for smaller projects, notably retrofit applications. System shows what is possible in reducing the cost and complexity of installation and commissioning.


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