Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Judging Process

The NGL judging is an intense process that combines both the personal evaluations of professionals from across the architectural lighting community and their interactive deliberations, as well as objective measures of luminaire performance.

Products are installed in their typical applications. Observing lighted performance, taking "field" measurements, and inspecting the luminaires directly, the judges first evaluate entries in each category, one luminaire at a time. Using tablet computers to record their evaluations and specific comments, the judges consider eight key criteria: color, illuminance, glare control, light distribution, dimming control, serviceability, value, and appearance.

For the Indoor competition, manufacturers were required to submit luminaires with digital dimming drivers (DALI, DMX, or a proprietary digital protocol) for dimming evaluations. Analog or phase-control devices were not permitted. With driver types standardized, a master control permitted dimmed performance to be evaluated both visually and quantitatively on a consistent basis, using criteria such as range, gradient, flicker, and lowend behavior. For the Outdoor competition, a wireless control system was used to evaluate dimming in collector roadway and parking lot luminaires.

To evaluate serviceability, manufacturers submitted a tabletop sample, which was closely examined using criteria such as ease of access, ease of component replacement, and clarity of labeling. Judges looked specifically for simplicity, clarity, plug-together components, and fewer fasteners in their evaluations.

2015 judging photos


Judging Process Video

View a video from the 2015 NGL judging events for a behind-the-scenes look at the judging process.


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