Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Recognized – Parking Garage

"SoftView LED parking garage luminaire" by Philips Gardco


Philips Gardco SoftView LED parking garage luminaire features edge lit technology, providing visual comfort with minimal glare to enhance the user experience. An added uplight feature reduces the cave effect for an increased sense of security.

Judging comments

The judging panel acknowledged the appearance, glare control and distribution of the SoftView parking garage luminaire from Philips, commenting "Slim profile with relatively good high angle glare control", and "distribution is good and uplight is nice". Serviceability was noted as a concern, however.

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: SVPG-168L-600-NW-SM-5-120-IMRI

Light Output: 114119 lumens
Input Power: 27.00 watts
Efficacy: 103.70 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.992
CCT: 5700
CRI: 70
Testing Lab: UL Verification Services
Testing Number: 11143358, 1201037



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