Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Sports Lighting

The NGL Outdoor competition included sports lighting for the first time in 2016. Sports luminaires were evaluated on a university multi-use playing field. The two awarded entries (Stadium Pro and SUFA-A Sports Luminaire) were considered Notable but were not fully appropriate (in terms of cost and various aspects of performance) for the recreational application specified in the competition requirements. As the judging comment below indicates, this remains an important application for future NGL competitions.

"While significant advances have been made in solid-state sports-lighting equipment intended for large arena and stadium applications, an imperative exists for high-quality, affordable lighting to meet the demands of smaller exterior installations such as high school and recreation fields, which comprise the vast majority of sports-related exterior lighting. In particular, affordable luminaires for relatively lower mounting heights need improved glare management for player and spectator comfort, and also need to minimize unintended scatter light extending beyond property boundaries. Color and intensity consistency across the beams is also a concern, because the quality of the lighting has a significant effect on the appearance of the countless photos that are taken at such venues." – Mike Lambert KCL Engineering


2016 sports lighting photo 1 2016 sports lighting photo 2

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