Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Recognized – Parking Garage

"TekDek High Output" by Kenall Lighting


The TekDek High Output luminaire with the TekLink TL50 control system embeds microwave sensing technology behind the exterior lens, maintaining the integrity of a parking deck luminaire designed for this high abuse application. All settings are set via a TekLink remote controller.

Judging comments

The judges reacted positively to the integral control system, glare control, and light distribution of this parking lot luminaire, noting "the occupancy sensor half level dimming is very nice", "super low glare" and "good high vertical illumination and even lighting between fixtures".

Luminaire Testing

Model Number: TD17HO-DTS-5S-TP-MW-94L-30K8-DCC-DV-TL50

Light Output: 10929 lumens
Input Power: 105.93 watts
Efficacy: 103.17 lm/W
Power Factor: 0.90
CCT: 3014
CRI: 84
Testing Lab: Kenall Performance Laboratory
Testing Number: CCT2436



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