Next Generation Lighting Systems Competition

Minimum System Requirements

NGLS Competition 2 is evaluating troffer conversion (retrofit) kits with luminaire integrated sensors and controls that are marketed as "easy" to install and configure and are intended for contractor set up and configuration without on-site support from manufacturers.

Systems should meet the following requirements:


  1. Marketed as "easy" to install and configure. Intended for contractor setup and configuration without prior training on a specific system. All systems must be configurable without manufacturer assistance.
  2. Entrants must submit an appropriate number of troffer conversion (retrofit) kits for installation in the assigned space that will deliver the lighting performance listed in the Performance Specification section below.
  3. In addition, one additional troffer conversion (retrofit) kit should be submitted for table-top evaluation.
  4. Partnering between luminaire and control manufacturers is acceptable, but luminaire integrated sensing and control is required.
  5. Systems must arrive at the judging location with all required troffer conversion (retrofit) kits, control components, wiring, and miscellaneous equipment required for installation and operation. Submitted troffer conversion (retrofit) kits must exactly match documentation submitted.

Troffer conversion (retrofit) kit

  1. Troffer conversion (retrofit) kit must replace the existing light source, all related electrical components, and the optical system of the existing recessed troffer luminaire, effectively creating a completely new luminaire. Retrofit lamps of any type are not acceptable in this competition.
  2. Troffer conversion (retrofit) kits must be suitable for installation in existing LEGION-AIRE® GRID-LITE recessed 2x4 Series J502 troffers, air handling is not required. See specification sheet in Appendix B of the Entrant Guide.

Control Components

  1. Submissions shall be a complete, integrated system (troffer conversion (retrofit) kits and controls) that provides the required lighting and energy performance and control functionality (see Performance Requirements).
  2. Systems are required to include luminaire integrated sensing and control. The use of remote sensors is not allowed.
  3. Remote user interfaces (wall controls) shall communicate with the lighting system wirelessly. All methods for powering remote user interfaces (wall controls) are acceptable (e.g. line-voltage, low-voltage, batteries, and energy-harvesting mechanisms).
  4. As long as the system remains "easy to configure", additional energy-saving control capability (beyond those required) is encouraged.

Controls Functionality Checklist

Function Required
Occupancy Sensing
Vacancy Sensing
Local on/off
Daylight Harvesting
Manual Continuous Dimming
High-End Trim/Task Tuning
Luminaire Integrated Sensor and Control
Field-adjustable Control Settings



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