Next Generation Lighting Systems Competition

Submission Process

The submission process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Manufacturer submits the online intent form to enter Competition 2 describing the system proposed for the competition.
  2. Manufacturer submits documentation as listed under Submission Requirements for NGLS review. NGLS will send an individual Dropbox link for secure upload of the documentation.
  3. NGLS team verifies that the proposed submission meets the minimum technical requirement and is appropriate for Competition 2. Entrants with systems appropriate for subsequent competitions will be notified.
  4. For approved systems, manufacturers are notified of acceptance and assigned a specific room where the system will be installed. NGLS sends the specific room and existing lighting layout to the manufacturer. See Appendix A – Typical Evaluation Spaces for typical room layouts.
  5. Manufacturer submits proposed system to best fit the minimum requirements and performance specifications for the assigned space. Submissions must include detailed specifications, including photometry, and ordering information.
  6. NGLS reviews the submittal and responds either with approval to proceed or request for clarification. Manufacturer responds with modifications as necessary.
  7. NGLS approves system based on the reviewed and approved submittal.
  8. Manufacturer builds and ships system (including troffer conversion (retrofit) kits, integrated controls, supplemental equipment and installation documentation) onsite. Shipping instructions will be sent to entrants individually.
  9. Entries are installed onsite by qualified electrical contractors.
  10. Evaluations take place over a series of months. (See Evaluation Process.)

Indoor Competitions

Past Competitions