Next Generation Lighting Systems Competition

Submission Requirements

LED Lighting Facts Registration

All entrants must register troffer conversion (retrofit) kits through the LED Lighting Facts program ( LED Lighting Facts registrations must report all available metrics. When completing the LED Lighting Facts form, be sure to indicate product type as 'Retrofit Kit' and identify your product as an NGLS entrant with your assigned NGLS entry number.

If a troffer conversion (retrofit) kit is already listed on LED Lighting Facts, the registration must be updated to identify it as an NGLS entrant and all available metrics must be reported.

Documentation Requirements

The following documentation must be submitted directly to NGLS electronically. Upon completion of the Intent Form, a Dropbox folder link will be sent to each entrant for upload of the documentation.


  1. Marketing materials, including brochures, videos and links to product websites.

Control System

  1. Control component installation instructions, including mechanical and electrical wiring requirements, if necessary.
  2. Control component start up and commissioning manuals.
  3. Sensor and control component specifications. Specifications can be kept confidential, if needed.
  4. Control system operation manuals, including photographs or videos, if available.
  5. Documentation for configuring tools (e.g. hardware, software, handheld devices).

Troffer Conversion (Retrofit) Kit

  1. Troffer conversion (retrofit) kit and driver specifications, as applicable. Specifications can be kept confidential, if needed.
  2. Troffer conversion (retrofit) kit installation instructions.

System Component Delivery

For systems that are accepted for installation after the documentation review, the following equipment must be shipped directly to the job site for installation. All documents needed for installation should be included inside boxes containing system components.

  1. Troffer conversion (retrofit) kits with luminaire integrated sensors and controls
  2. All control components
  3. All instructional documents for installation of retrofit kits and control components and for initial start-up of control system.

Indoor Competitions

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