Next Generation Lighting Systems Competition

Evaluation Process

The NGLS will feature multiple competitions, a tighter focus on specific lighting applications – and an expanded evaluation process that involves installations in real-world settings and greater interaction among entrants, judges, and host sites.

Following documentary prequalification, manufacturers will submit a complete system of luminaires, integrated controls, and supplemental equipment, based on room layout (approximately 650 square feet) and design parameters. Each system will be installed and configured by a team of qualified electrical contractors in a series of similar working spaces, following the normal design, submittal, and construction process.

In addition to installation, configuration, and performance, NGLS will evaluate the specification process, including design and performance parameters, with the goal of simplifying the specification of connected lighting systems. Findings will be published as each phase is completed and will include such elements as the time required and challenges faced in design, installation, and configuration; the level of energy savings achieved; and user acceptance and satisfaction. NGLS will not select "winners;" rather, through this detailed, multiphase evaluation process, it will recognize superior performance and identify areas for improvement.

Evaluation Process photo   Evaluation Process photo   Evaluation Process photo

Indoor Competitions

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