No Appraisal Refi

3. Reach Out to for eligibility in 2-5 minutes with no Social Security Number or other personal information required. Whether it’s a conventional loan that allows you to reduce or eliminate mortgage insurance, or an fha streamline refinance that doesn’t require W2s, pay stubs, tax returns, or even an appraisal.

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This calculator will help you to decide whether or not you should refinance your current. No appraisal is required for the VA loan refinance program as well.

No Risk Refinancing with Accunet. As far as we know, Accunet is the only lender that offers you a chance to see if a refi is possible without putting a $450 appraisal deposit at risk. And there are thousands of your out there who can still save thousands of dollars a year but are understandably afraid to gamble a half a thousand bucks.

If you’re hoping to refinance the mortgage on your home. the appeal process if you think you got a lowball appraisal,” says Gloria Shulman, a California mortgage broker. “You have almost no chance.

Many customers can qualify for a purchase or a refinance loan with no appraisal required. This is a great benefit because this typically saves a consumer more than $400 in out of pocket expense, takes the risk away of getting a bad appraisal, and allows a lender to close your loan very quickly. Conventional Refinance Rates.

It’s true that there are a variety of refinance options available under the VA loan program, but only one the "no credit check" and "no appraisal" option-the VA Interest rate reduction refinance loan or IRRRL. In many cases, VA IRRRLs don’t require additional underwriting or an appraisal.

No-appraisal refinancing means that a lender does not require an independent assessment of a home’s value to extend a new mortgage on it.. A no-appraisal mortgage is a type of refinancing loan.

The HARP program is designed to give homeowners with underwater mortgages the opportunity to refinance to today's lower rates, without an appraisal!