Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

The NEW NGL—Big Changes Ahead!

In 2017, the Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) design competition will take a quantum leap forward and transition its focus from luminaires to Next Generation Lighting Systems (NGLS). The new NGLS will feature multiple competitions, a tighter focus on specific lighting applications—and an expanded evaluation process that involves installations in real-world settings and greater interaction among entrants, judges, and host sites.

2017 Indoor Competition graphic

The first NGLS competition will focus exclusively on connected lighting systems for interior spaces. The new approach reflects the growing importance of easy-to-use luminaire-integrated control systems, especially for use in existing spaces, and the intense and widespread interest in learning more about the installation, economics, and operation of those systems.

The 2017 Next Generation Lighting Systems indoor competition is just the beginning of the next phase of focused, application-oriented evaluations. The NGLS outdoor competition is expected to open at the end of the year.

Permanent Installations & Multiple Evaluations

Installed and configured by qualified electrical contractors
Performance Evaluation
By lighting practitioners, facilities professionals, utility personnel
Ongoing Evaluation
By Parsons students and faculty, as well as manufacturer entrants


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