Go See Cal Commercial

 · Go see Cal Those who didn’t grow up in the US during the 60’s and 70’s or live on the West Coast probably have no clue who Cal Worthington is. I will spare everyone a lot of the unnecessary details as Wikipedia has a great write up on him.

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This is commercial for Worthington Ford from 1988. It features Cal Worthington and his dog spot. cal wothington was a local celebrity in southern california due to his unusual commercials.

Calvin Coolidge Worthington (November 27, 1920 – September 8, 2013) was an American car.. boggs (1972), starring Bill Cosby and Robert Culp, has a bar scene in which the "Go See Cal" commercial can be seen and heard on the TV.

The San Mateo, California-based company is one of the first SD-WAN providers. and it has been a member of the Microsoft.

O’Bannon proved that the NCAA and its member schools and conferences had illegally conspired through amateurism rules to misappropriate players’ names, images and likenesses in commercial. to.

Mr. Worthington became one of the best-known salesmen in America with his unceasing television commercials urging buyers to “go see Cal,

The movie Hickey & Boggs (1972), starring Bill Cosby and Robert Culp, has a bar scene in which the "Go See Cal" commercial can be seen and heard on the TV. Worthington himself appeared as a car dealer in the 1973 film Save the Tiger. A Worthington commercial was shown in the 1974 film Gone in 60 Seconds.

Cal Worthington, a car dealer whose off-the-wall commercials, first broadcast in the 1950s, bombarded. If you need a better car, go see Cal.

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